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All the news that fits? I print. I write because I can. I can because I read. I read because it’s necessary. It’s necessary because there are lives at stake. Excess exceeds because we fail to act. We must strive to act … without restraint or constraint.

The Rump and Russia … and it matters because he’s stupid

Terrance Gavan - Fractious and Confused "Nato is obsolete," says Trump. "I said it was obsolete ... it's no longer obsolete. Everybody knows it." The reason TheRump is in a quagmire of hurt right now vis-a-vis Russia is not because 17 American security agencies...

An Olbermann video – You can’t fire the goddam FBI Director – Comey Coup de Gras

And the unfunny thing about this hilarious charade, is that it’s not a joke, it’s true. A president of a democracy (we think) who is under investigation for philandering with a sworn enemy, an enemy that kicked the shit out of a presidential election process through a meandering and targeted cyber campaign, that president Donald The Rump Trump fired the guy who was asking for more funds to support his independent investigation of that president and his cronies. It’s not funny.

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