At what do psychopaths excel?

I aimed that query at my friend, Doctor Revere S. Porteous, who is a psychiatrist and lecturer.

Revere is a jovial enough man, considering he has been studying psychopaths for almost four decades.

“I’ve met a lot of the bastards in my 38 or so years and I will tell you right now that many are stone cold killers,” says Porteous. “And those that aren’t? Are just too fuckingĀ  lazy to pursue serial murder because it entails no small amount of work and dedication. But all psychopaths could pull a trigger on someone given half a chance.”

What about Donald Trump, I asked.

“Trump is without a doubt a psychopath and a malignant narcissist and in my opinion, he’s a stone cold psychopath capable of serial murder,” says Porteous. “But of course he has enough money, was born with enough money, to assuage the mad lust for recognition that most serial killers can only get with the use of clubs, cudgels and clues. Also he is also, by definition and observation, a very lazy man. Serial killers are seriously motivated individuals and their vocation takes a great deal of time, effort, reading, study and perseverance.

“Donald Trump possesses neither the mental acuity nor patience to act out in a purely physical sense, but his money does make it possible for him to drive others to his bidding. Psychopaths like Charles Manson or David Koresh and of course Donald Trump are able to use their lack of empathy and strange charms to recruit lickspittles to do their bidding. The Svengali Syndrome is strong and it’s what makes the art of the cult such a manifest abomination.

“We simply do not know how these mythical creatures of doom and darkness acquire such rabid followings, whether it be on a grand scale, like Trump, or in a more contained sphere, like Koresh and Manson. We do know that psychopaths are born with their neurons aligned in an unfathomable manner. They lack emotion, empathy and civility right from the jump.

“His mother recognized it from the time Donald Trump was a child. She was quoted asking: ‘What kind of son have I created?’ Mrs. Trump may rest easy in her eternity because she did not create the monster. The monster came fully formed popped right out of the womb like some satanic jack-in-the-box.

“It’s as if they pop out of the womb like that. Dead-eyed and devoid of feelings. They come to earth without an iota of care. Some rise quickly in the world of business and they succeed because what they have is what Wall Street wants. Greed devoid of conscience. We see that in Trump. He simply does not care. He looks at children in cages and there is no revulsion there. They are cogs. And Donald Trump has been dealing with cogs for his entire life.

“Only his cogs are living breathing entities and whereas 92 percent of normal humans will react to the vile policies that put children in cages? Trump and his minions are unable to greet such ugliness with human emotion.”

Wait, I ask. Are psychopaths not human in the strictest sense?

“In the strictest sense,” Porteous replies, “of course, they are human. They have small hands, are susceptible to heart disease and they require food and water. So human? Yes.”

But no emotion. No feelings? No empathy? The things that make us human?

“That is correct. It’s why they seem so different,” says Porteous. “They are not like us at all. They look like us but they are not like us. They are aliens. Trump and his ilk, or his cult, despise aliens. If Trump were brown or black or donned a Hitler moustache? He’s just be a run of the mill nutter. But he’s white, and rich, and fucking insane.

“His sycophants prefer to refer to his insanity as ‘eccentricity’ but as a psychiatrist who has studied psychopaths for close to 40 years? I can tell you this. There is a long, long, long and lonely list of people who have made the mistake of thinking Charles Manson or Ted Bundy just a tad odd, or eccentric. Those people, every single one of them, are dead.

“Do not underestimate the psychopath. Because if you do? They’ll kill you.

“And they’ll try smile just as you take your last breath. But it’s not a smile is it? They are incapable of a real smile.

“Why do you think Donald Trump can’t smile?”

Why is that, I ask Porteous.

“He’s a psychopath.”


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